Diablo Winds

Foehn-type Winds -- Downslope winds that flow outward from a region of dynamically-induced surface high pressure located over a region of elevated topography. Diablo Winds -- Foehn-type winds in the Bay Area.
Santa Ana Winds -- Foehn-type winds in the Southern California coastal sections.

Metr 356 Handout on Diablo Winds

Metr 302/356 Handouts Relating Surface Pressure Changes to horizontal Divergence and Convergence Patterns in air column: A and B

Pertinent Charts and Scripts Used To Generate Them

mod_grib -lev=400 -var=conv -in=1 -ft=init -re=42,-120

mod_grib -lev=500 -var=vvel -in=1 -ft=init -re=42,-120

mod_grib -lev=1000 -var=conv -in=1 -ft=init -re=42,-120

sfccalc 10101112 -var=ptend (details another time)

sfcplot 10101112

GFS Progression of Surface Pressure Field

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