Finding Fronts

Pretend you do NOT have access to a thickness analysis nor any analyses in the middle and upper troposphere.

1. Analyze surface chart for

First, on acetate, isotherms at 5 F (dashed red)

Second, on acetate, over lain on isotherms, isobars at 2 mb intervals (solid black or brown)

Third, fronts, on third acetate, with conventional colors. Use soundings to help you evaluate frontal character and location. Be able to discuss.

2. Each group discuss your results in 1.

3. Each group then produces a hard copy analysis on the surface plot distributed with isotherms, isobars and fronts.

4. Pretend no soundings are vailable for the extreme northwestern portion of the analysis area. Infer what the sounding would look like.

Group 1: Head--Geoff; Cain, Ryan

Group 2: Head--Malori; Emily, Race

large map

Figure 1: Surface plot, 0400 UTC 11 Feb 2013

New Orleans Sounding

Figure 2: Sounding, New Orleans, LA, 0000 UTC 2/11/2013

Atlanta Sounding

Figure 3: Sounding, Atlanta, GA, 0000 UTC 2/11/2013