Spring Time Wave Cyclone...Great Plains

Here we are looking at the WRF-NAM's forecast surface pattern for 0000 UTC Sat 9 March 2013.

The surface isobars and 1000-500 mb thickness contours are on the plot. Your task is to draw fronts/boundaries for the wave cyclone in the Great Plains.

Here are supporting charts:

(a) 500 mb heights and absolute vorticity

(b) Forecast soundings and hodographs for: KPHX, KELP, KTCC, KABI, KDRT, KOUN and KCRP

Deliverable -- Analyzed Surface Forecast Chart

Logic -- Each team should be able to explain their analysis on the basis of techniques we've learned in Metr 201, 301 and/or 430.


Ryan and Race (be able to discuss KCRP and KTCC)

Emily and Cain (be able to discuss KELP and KOUN)

Geoff and Malori (be able to discuss KELP, KABI and KDRT