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ERTH 490/790

Public Weather Forecasting Practicum

ERTH 490, Public Weather Forecasting Practicum, is not a course in the formal sense of the word. There are no lectures, exams or term papers, for example, in this class.

Class The purpose of ERTH 490/790 is to provide meteorology students, termed Intern Forecasters, with an opportunity to learn how to produce worded weather forecasts for public use, either in written form or for television and radio, and to produce informative displays, under the guidance of more senior forecasters, termed Lead Forecasters, who will be getting graduate credit for this course (ERTH 790). A secondary purpose is to foster a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation among students in the meteorology programs. (Note: Grading Rubric and Class Expectations).

A good example of how both of the above goals is accomplished is embodied in the SFSU Weather Forecasts, produced by students in Metr 698 and 798. Click on graphic to the left.

A third purpose is to teach students how to use the various product

s available from our own California Regional Weather Server and other sources of forecasting information across the country in the production a weather forecast.

Resources for Production of Displays:

Documentation for WGSL Scripts

Weather Map Symbols (.pdf)

Inclass Discussion, Reading and Case Studies for ERTH 490/790 Students



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