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SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIV                                Meteorology 201


In-class Lab Assignment 3 Key


1.      Determine the morning stability at KOUN (Norman, OK) from the morning sounding for 1200 UTC 3 May 1999 (attached).

Estimate the height of the Lifting Condensation Level, Level of Free Convection, 500 mb Lifted Index, Equilibrium Level and determine if the sounding is unstable, stable or conditionally unstable with respect to a SURFACE LIFTED PARCEL. Be sure to indicate the parcel ascent curve, LCL, LFC and EL right on the diagram.


Detail of Sounding Analyses . Zoomed portion of sounding on right shows intersection of saturation mixing
ratio extending from surface dew point temperature and dry adiabat extending from surface temperature.
KOUN Sounding 12 UYC 3 May 1999 Closeup of LCL

This is a conditionally unstable sounding. The LCL is at about 930 mb (162 m AGL), the LFC is at about 700 mb (~3000 m AGL), and the EL is at about 240 mb (~10,500 m AGL). The Lifted Index is -2.4.