Homework 3 Solution

In this case, level 2 is the 500 mb level, level 1 is the 1000 mb level. You want to solve for the divergence in the layer beneath the Level of Non Divergence.

Part I. Master Expression (Dine's Compensation)

DIVh = - (w2 - w1)/∆z

Part II. What You Are Given

but w1 = 0, w2 = -16.2 cm s-1 , and ∆z = 5600 m - 0 m = 5600 m

Part III. Substitue (Part II) into (Part I)

Put all that back into the right hand side of

DIVh = - ( -16.2 cm s-1)/ 5600 m X (1 m/ 100 cm) = 2.89 X 10-5 s-1

The positive sign indicates divergence.

Part IV. Check Answer is not Nonsense

The value seems to be the order of magnitude and the correct unit based upon what we talked about in class.