San Francisco State University
Spring 2009
  Metr. 201

Synoptic Metr Inclass Exercise

Attached find a 500 mb chart for 21 February 2005 and a blank cross-section.  Work together as teams by tables. Complete at home and turn in with Homework 4.

1.        Label the closed contour center off the California coast with an "L" (red) or an "H" (blue) as appropriate.

2.        Locate one ridge (indicate with a jagged line--blue) and one trough (indicate with a solid line – black or red)

3.        Indicate the position of the jet stream(s).

4.        Draw a cross-section of the 500 mb heights along 105W longitude on the graph paper provided.

5.        Using the concept of the hypsometric relation (see Reading #2), indicate on the cross-section with the word (warm) and the word (cold) where you expect the warmest and coldest air columns to be.

6.        Assume that the wind speeds at 500 mb at San Francisco (SFO), Santa Barbara (SBA) and San Diego (SAN) are all 45 knots.  Plot the correct wind symbols at the appropriate locations.


7.        Draw three streamlines with the tails at points A, B and C, respectively, and the