Relationship of Soundings to Horizontal Plots

Due at beginning of class on 7 April 2011

  1. Open a terminal window (a "lab" window). Print out for yourself a 500 mb chart, a 700 mb chart and a surface plot for this morning at 12 UTC. The scripts are as follows

    difax ua_500 11040512 -p
    difax ua_700 11040512 -p
    sfcplot 11040512 -p

  2. You are given the sounding for Cape Hatteras, North Carolina at 12 UTC 5 April 2011. Determine the following from the sounding for the surface, 700 mb and 500 mb levels: temperature, dew point, wind direction and wind speed.
  3. Compare and contrast the information you obtained in (2) above with the same information plotted on the charts you obtained in (1) above. The information should be the same on both. Comment. [Hint: this is meant to be a somewhat trivial exercise in stating the obvious, but that "obvious" has to be backed by examination of actual data. Also, please note that the surface weather station at Cape Hatteras is not quite in the same location as the sounding site.]