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San Francisco State University                                         April 12, 2010                                                                       Spring 2009


Metr 201 Monteverdi Quiz #1

100 pts.

(Test will be collected at 10:05 AM)


A.  Short Answer and Definitions.  (5 points each for a total of 25 points in this section).


(a) The 500 mb level is found typically at what height (either in decameters or feet)  ______


(b)         The 700 mb level is found typically at what height (either in decameters or feet) ______


(c)         The study of the development of and evolution of atmospheric motions and circulation systems as solutions of the fundamental equations of hydrodynamics or other systems of equations appropriate to special situations is the definition of __________________________________________


(d)         A contour of constant pressure is known as an _________________________________________



(f)  Synoptic Meteorology –




B.      Units. (5 pts each for a total of 25 pts)

         Provide the metric system units used conventionally for the                             following:














C. First Law of Thermodynamcs (30 points in this section).  The First Law of Thermodynamics, as we discussed it in class, is written out below.



Term 1        Term 2                 Term 3



1.    Write out the conceptual equivlaent of the First Law of Thermodynamics.  [Hint: the answer is NOT "the change in temperature equals the change in heat divided by the specific heat....etc...." (20 points)


2.    Term 2 is known as the __________________  term. (5 points)


3.    Term 3 is known as the __________________  term. (5 points)



D.  Short Essay.   (Answer below or in complete sentences, with subject, verb and object in each sentence, please.  You'll only need about three sentences here.  If you are writing more, you missed the point.)  (20 points in this section)


The philosophical underpinning of sounding analysis is something called “parcel theory.”  In a few sentences, briefly describe what is meant by “parcel theory.”