Roswell, New Mexico, May 25, 1999

Meteorology 302:
The Violent Atmosphere and Ocean

Section 1 (schedule #14036)
MWF 1210-1300
604 Thornton Hall
Department of Geosciences, SFSU, Spring 2004

Revised Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Friona, Texas, June 3, 2003

 Hurricanes and Tornadic thunderstorms:
Earth's Fiercest Storms

John Monteverdi With VORTEX
Armada, Spring 1999


Instructor: Dr. John Monteverdi, Professor of Meteorology
Office hours: F 9-10; TTh 11-Noon or by appointment at many hours.
Office: 613 Thornton Hall
Phone: 338-7728
E-mail: or

Final Examination: Wednesday 19 May 1210 to 1300

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Also, room is a computer lab. No use of computers allowed during class time. Use of computers for web surfing related to course activities only allowed before and after class. Absolutely NO reconfiguring of computers (no setting of bookmarks, no downloads).

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    Schematic: NOAA (NWS) Weather Satellites

    Weather Satellite Imagery
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    Latest 16-km Satellite Loop from NWS

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