Wall Cloud and Tornado, Miami, TX, 5/28/94

Meteorology 815:
Analysis and Prediction of Severe Storms

Section 1 (schedule #28626)
Th 0810-1100
604 Thornton Hall

Metr 815 Students Astonished By Radar Animation of Splitting Supercell

Instructor: Dr. John Monteverdi, Professor of Meteorology
Office: 509 Thornton Hall
Office hours: MWF, 10-11, Th 1-2, or by appointment.
Phone: 338-2061
E-mail: montever@sfsu.edu


Deviate Moving Tornadic Thunderstorm
Near Fresno, CA November 22, 1996

Deviate Moving Tornadic Thunderstorm
Near Lubbock, TX April 10, 1997

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